Shikellamy Virtual Academy


(including Chargers)

9th and 10th Grade

June 8th and 9th


@ HS Cafeteria

11th and 12th Grade

June 10th and 11th


@ HS Cafeteria

6th-8th Grade

June 15th, 16th and 17th


@ the Middle School


Virtual Academy Student & Parent Notices

         JUNE 5th


                           Student Activity Logs

               How To Edit the Student Activity Logs

            1) Click "File"
            2) Click "Make A Copy"
            3) Rename your Activity Log
            4) Begin typing your activity into the document

Physical Education Logs

 Virtual Academy students with a Physical Education course are required to keep a log of their Physical Activity.

Physical Education students are required to do 180 Minutes of physical activity each week

Activities can include: Walking, playing ball, dancing, gymnastics, riding bike, skating, etc


                        Physical Education Activity Log

         *Physical Education Logs can be sent to: 



Career Exploration Logs

High School students are required to keep a log of their hours working on Smart Futures for their Career Exploration course.

Career Exploration students are required to do 60 minutes of Smart Futures work each week

                How to log in to Smart Futures:

Username= Student ID number
Password= braves + graduation year
(example: braves2020)

                          Smart Futures Log-In

  Smart Futures logs can be sent to Mrs. Deitrich at:


              Student Activity Log Due Dates

             First Semester

              October 1st

              November 1st

              December 4th

              January 6th

             Second Semester

              February 3rd

              March 2nd

              April 1st

              May 1st

              June 1st

Shikellamy Technology Department

570-286-3721 x 5106

*CHROMEBOOKS*- The Technology Help Desk is open from 7:30am-8:30am at the High School building. After 8:30am, you can reach Technology at the phone number listed above.


For more information please contact:

Mr. Attinger
Virtual Academy Director



         JUNE 5th


Virtual Academy Enrollment

All parents who would like to enroll their student should contact the School's Main Office for an enrollment form & meeting with their Guidance Counselor.

No students may begin the Virtual Academy until the form is processed and they are notified of a start date.


School Main Offices

Middle School Office - 570-286-3700 x 2442

High School Office - 570-286-3700 x 2360


Virtual Academy Student Links

                         Virtual Academy Log-In

                         Spanish & Chemistry Course Log-in

(For students in Chemistry & Spanish only)

                                           Student Email


Virtual Academy Courses Offered


Virtual Lab Hours 2019-2020
(Room 105)

Monday: 7:35am-2:35pm
Tuesday: 7:35am-2:35pm
Wednesday: 7:35am-2:35pm
Thursday: 7:35am-2:35pm


Virtual Academy Staff

Mr. Attinger- Virtual Academy Director

Ms. Gittens- Educational Support Teacher

Ms. Pacheco- Educational Support Aide


Guidance Counselors

High School Counselors (by student's last name)

(A-G) Mrs. Deitrich
570-286-3721 x 2368

(H-R) Mr. Coleman
570-286-3721 x 2370

(S-Z) Mr. Donlan
570-286-3721 x 2369

Middle School Counselor

 Mrs. Pfleegor
570-286-3721 x 2448


Middle School Teachers

Science & EnglishMs. Gittens

MathMr. Specht

Social StudiesMrs. Witmer

High School Teachers

9th Grade EnglishMs. Gittens

English & FrenchMrs. Pennington

ScienceMrs. Schmidt

MathMr. Geiswhite

Social Studies/PsychologyMrs. Berger

BusinessMr. Foor

Career/CounselingMrs. Deitrich