Shikellamy Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy Student & Parent Notices


Students who are taking Algebra 1, Biology or English 10 will be required to take the Keystone Test

The following are the dates of the Keystone Exams for High School students:

Algebra- May 15th and May 16th

Biology- May 17th and May 20th

Literature- May 21st and May 22nd


All Virtual Academy students should submit their Activity Logs to Mrs. Brady at

If you have any questions regarding the Activity Logs please contact Mrs. Brady at 570-259-1851 or the email listed above

***Parent/Guardian Email Address***

All parents should have their email address on file with the Virtual Academy Office. Email is a main form of communication in online learning and will be used by the Online Teachers to send regular progress reports on your student.

All students and parents should read over the Virtual Academy handbook (in the link below) and follow up with Mr. Attinger about any questions regarding the program.

Virtual Academy Links

       Student Email

 (Do not type in the first "0"s when entering your Priestley Library number)

Shikellamy Technology Department

570-286-3721 x 5106

*CHROMEBOOKS*- The Technology Help Desk is open from 7:30am-8:30am at the High School building. After 8:30am, you can reach Technology at the phone number listed above.

Edmentum Courseware Tech Support


Any student who is having a problem with Flash in their virtual courses should follow the instructions in this link:


Technology & Chromebook Tips

Students in 6th-12th grades are eligible to enroll in the Virtual Academy.

All Virtual Academy students are Shikellamy students and have the same access to sports, clubs, dances and prom just like the rest of the students.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Eric Attinger
Virtual Academy Coordinator
Office: 570-286-3721 x 5208
Academy Cell: 570-259-1851


Virtual Academy Enrollment

Enrollment is currently CLOSED

Lab Hours with Mrs. Gittens
(Room 105)

Monday: 7:35am-2:35pm
Tuesday: 7:35am-2:35pm
Wednesday: 7:35am-2:35pm
Thursday: 7:35am-2:35pm

Virtual Academy Office: 570-286-3721 x 5208

 Virtual Academy Cell for Text Messages: 570-259-1851

Virtual Academy Staff

Mr. Attinger- Virtual Academy Coordinator

Mrs. Gittens- Educational Support

Mrs. Brady- Virtual Program Aide

Ms. Pacheco- Virtual Program Aide

                           Student Activity Logs

         *ALL Activity Logs count for (1.0) credit for the year*

       *Middle School students are required to keep a log of their Physical Activity for their Physical Education course.

       *High School students are required to keep a log of their hours working on Choice 360 for their Career Exploration course.

     *ALL LOGS ARE DUE THE FIRST SCHOOL DAY OF EACH                  MONTH and can be sent to

Parents must email the same address to verify the student logs*


                         How to access Choices 360 Activities 

             1)  Click on the Choices 360 Log-In link under Virtual Academy Links

                 2)  Create an account

             3)  Enter PA01149 in school code

             4)  Finish creating the account and begin activities


                          How To Edit the Activity Logs:

            1) Click "File"
            2) Click "Make A Copy"
            3) Rename your Activity Log
            4) Begin typing your activity into the document


Virtual Academy Courses Offered

Guidance Counselors

High School Counselors (by student's last name)

(A-G) Mrs. Deitrich
570-286-3721 x 2368

(H-R) Mr. Coleman
570-286-3721 x 2370

(S-Z) Mr. Donlan
570-286-3721 x 2369

Middle School Counselor

 Mrs. Pfleegor
570-286-3721 x 2448

How is the Virtual Academy different from traditional schools?

1) Students are tracked by "pacing" rather than attendance. Each course requires a number of assignments to be completed per week to finish the course on time. Students are considered "attending" if they are on pace with their courses. They are considered "absent" if they don't complete their work on pace.

2) Students have 24/7 access to courses. Students can customize their school day to start any time during the day. Students can start their day in the morning, afternoon, or even late night hours as long as the course work is being completed on pace.

3) The Virtual Academy offers a Virtual Lab. The Virtual Academy has a Lab located in the High School building. The Virtual Lab is a quiet location with internet access for students to work.